STAML Molecular Medicine promises to give a patient focused environment and a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

We believe that screening, knowing your risks and an early diagnosis can give the best possible prognosis – We believe in Next Generation Sequencing!

We believe that a therapeutic approach should be individualized and focused to a person’s specific needs and genetic make-up rather than generalized.

We believe in the highest accuracy of diagnostic testing.

We believe in maintaining the highest possible standards in healthcare and present a highly qualified team to stage this journey for each patient that comes through our door.

This organization’s vision is to become the leading medical laboratory in the Caribbean Free Market and Econmic Region and also to be one which can be favourably compared with similar laboratories in the more developed regions of the globalized world.

Our mission is one of excellence which is enshrined in our quality policy of providing our clients with accurate and timely results in an environment which is fully supportive of their needs for reliability and confidentiality.