Molecular Medicine

Molecular Medicine focuses on the relationship between genes, proteins and cellular functions in the diagnosis and management of  diseases.

This advanced practice uses molecular diagnostic methods such as NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING (NGS)  and POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION (PCR) to diagnose and manipulate the processes of diseases at the most basic cellular  level. This revolutionary practice allows the detection of human genes and its linkage to certain diseases. Both familial and sporadic diseases can be confirmed at any stage of life as well as genetic changes predisposing an individual to cancers –  If we know our risks then we can act early.

Additionally, molecular diagnostic techniques allow the most accurate form of diagnosis of infectious diseases. Diagnosis of the infecting pathogen  is made via the detection of the genetic material of that specific pathogen- This method proves highest sensitivity and specificity and therefore its accuracy and ability to detect is unbeatable!